Anonymous wondered,
What are your thoughts on Sierra playing Christine again?

On one hand, I think “yay, she’s working publicly again on Broadway! Woohoo!” On the other hand, I roll my eyes gently and think “… again? Really?   Ooooooookay.”

Still love her, however!

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Sierra Boggess attends the ‘Les Misérables’ On Broadway Opening Night at Imperial Theatre on March 23, 2014.

Anonymous wondered,
Looking at aladdin and les mis photos I dont see her engagement ring on. I think they've really broken up

I really don’t know how to answer these Asks. I don’t know Sierra personally and can’t answer them any better than a gossipy rag magazine. Unless they say anything, make a public statement, I don’t and will not be assuming one way or another anymore. I adore them both, but it is none of my business, as long as they’re happy :)

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Just got home from watching The Walking Dead and look who’s on my TV! Thank you CBC!


Soon to be “Christine” in arrives at of LES MIZ on !

I am so honored and giddy with excitement to bring Christine to life again opposite my dearest Norm, This is a moment in time I don’t want to miss

—Sierra Boggess on playing Christine Daaé (via thatslifeinthe-theatre)