Didn’t Sierra Boggess have another cat named Nettie? What happened to her?

Sierra and her sister Summer used to live together in NYC, and got Celie and Nettie. I believe Summer has since gotten her own place (with her boyfriend I think, I could be wrong) and took Nettie with her. One sister for each sister!

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Daae Days: Backstage at The Phantom of the Opera with Sierra Boggess, Episode 1: Welcome!


a tiny little break to communicate that my sexuality is Sierra Boggess in the russian shut down always and forever

Anonymous wondered,
are sierra and tam still together?


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Name: Every Day
Artist: Sierra Boggess, Adam Jacobs, Randel Keith
Album: Les Miserables
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From Sierra’s first performance as the Cosette understudy - circa. 2006.

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