They sang The Civil Wars. I’m so done.

It’s Of Mice and Men time!!!! Getting inspired with

Just got home from watching The Walking Dead and look who’s on my TV! Thank you CBC!

Anonymous wondered,

I did and he was absolutely amazing!

I saw the show the day before (a Saturday matinee).  From what I knew from other people, he didn’t do Stage Door often after matinees and my mother and best friend were with me so I didn’t bother waiting.  I figured there was only the matinee on the Sunday, I’d go then.

Left my house all bundled up (it was blowing snow and quite windy) and made my way downtown to the Stage Door.  Right by the Stage Door, there was a grate blowing warm air and it was away from the wind and snow so I got really lucky.  I waited there for about an hour after the show ended.  I also met Perry Sherman who is so talented and a pleasure to talk to.

The hour went by and Ramin came out with a few other of his friends/people.  He first signed for some fans who had come up from the States and seen him a few times already.  He got to me and honestly the first thing I thought was “wow he smells really good”.  That’s so strange but he did.  Must have showered right after the show.  I got a photo with him, he signed my copy of his CD, we chatted for about 30 seconds about how amazing the show was and that I was thrilled he was going to Broadway, how happy I was he came ‘home’ to us first, that this is one to cross off the bucket list.  He then moved on to sign the playbill of this adorable teen who was doing Stage Door for the first time.  He was so gracious, so kind.  Even with the squealing girls, he was very sweet and generous to them.

I took off smiling all the way and froze my hands really bad trying to text before heading into the subway.

Anonymous wondered,
Youre being reaally rude to the fanfiction people. They're just writing stories they're not sctually hurting anyone just leave them alone

I’ve let this sit in my ask a few days so I could come up with the right words to explain this all.

Imagine yourself a performer on Broadway or the West End.  You’ve worked so hard to get where you are.  Countless sacrifices have been made: friends, family, personal time, diet/nutrition, physical activities, sleep, everything.  You’ve devoted your life to train to get to this moment, be in the 1% who will make it in this town, to become the performer you’ve dreamed of being.  Hard work, determination, luck and talent got you there.  You’ve accomplished a dream.

Along the way, you’ve met some other amazing performers who, like you, have devoted their entire lives to getting here and getting into this business as a career.  You’ve found some peers and friends who understand your life.  You’ve got chemistry, a great friendship; you work hard and play well together.  Deepened friendships.

You know you have fans out there in the world.  Some of them are nice and normal, some obsess, and the occasional few may cross a privacy line.

You don’t ever imagine that someone would take the relationships, friendships and business relationships you’ve built in your career and turn it into damaging stories.

Writing stories about real people like this is called “real person fiction”.  You take a real person living out there in the real world and write stories about them.  What disgusted me so much about that ‘writing’ is that it completely slanders these people in an attempt to build up this idea of a romantic “Rierra”.  Without disclaimers, it’s slander and libel against someone, illegal.  It’s like high school drama built up into a ‘novel’, where people are talking about other people and making up false stories about each other, spreading them around even though they’re lies.  Some call it ‘art’, but how far are you going to take it before you realize you’ve crossed the line?

Look at our media.  How many times have media sources slammed celebrities and written false stories about them, where other ‘normal’ people like us read, hear and see these stories, and believe them?  These false media reports damage reputations and can destroy careers without a single glance back.  How are these fan-fictions any different?  It’s written as these events are actually happening, like our tabloids.  Some naïve person could see these and take them as fact.  Some family members or even the artists themselves can read this (which is VERY public).

If you went online and saw someone making up stories and events about you cheating on the love of your life with your happily-married best friend, how would you feel?  Not even that scenario specifically, but if someone you don’t know, that you’ve probably never met, is fabricating stories with cruel, awful scenarios about you? Why is the fact that Sierra, Ramin, Tam, Hugh, Mandy, Andrew, and all others involved, are in the public eye and that therefore makes it okay to create these ‘stories’?  The short answer here is it doesn’t.  There’s no rhyme or reason why real person fiction is acceptable in any circumstances, especially when you can damage someone’s reputation, career and life.

Just like everything else in life, think before you post.

I’m apparently a pale white-out ghost but…


GORGEOUS new present from my Mama! Too excited to fall asleep to him tonight. Can’t believe I hadn’t picked up this CD before now! #raminkarimloo

I’m honestly just the happiest I’ve been in a while. And I have the best mother! ♥

I may have cried a little bit when Ramin came up for his curtain call. Just a few tears.
I still can’t believe I’ve just seen him live. Hold me.