I’m probably the only person thinking this, but I’m not sad, I’m so excited that Sierra is retiring Christine. She’s incredibly talented and has such promise for a brighter future in this musical theatre world. It’ll be amazing to see her really step out of her comfort zone and try something different and daring, to keep reinventing herself and to have new experiences. Her retiring Christine is not something to be sad about but to rejoice for the future!


Tam Mutu - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Sierra officially opened up her previously-private Instagram publicly.  You can find it here.

Name: Every Day
Artist: Sierra Boggess, Adam Jacobs, Randel Keith
Album: Les Miserables
2,733 plays


From Sierra’s first performance as the Cosette understudy - circa. 2006.

Uhhhhhhhh not entirely sure how I’m supposed to get anything done….